Funcionamento dos leilões

Mytractor periodically publishes online auctions. In order to participate, it is mandatory to be registered on Mytractor website and consequently having accepted terms and conditions described in this section..

Mytractor sets the starting prices of the units. From those prices, any user can bid, always increasing prices, and at least the amount displayed online.

Mytractor can use any of these two auction systems::

Auction with no reserve price: The highest bidder on a certain unit acquires the right of buying that unit at that price.

Auction with reserve price: There is a hidden price which is higher than the starting price. The user whose bid has reached the reserve price acquires the right of buying the unit at that price. If the reserve price has not been reached during the auction time, Mytractor reserves the right to negotiate with the highest bidder the sale of the unit.

Prices displayed on auction do not include transport costs, repairs, taxes when applicable or any kind of unit handling.

Mytractor reserves the right to void the award of a certain unit if it is not fully paid within the following 5 working days ever since the closing day of the auction.

Details and prices of units are correct unless technical or typographical errors.

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