12 - 09 - 2018 MyTractor

Caterpillar launches its New Generation of Excavators

The 20-ton line undergoes radical changes and now adapts to the needs of different applications. Caterpillar Brasil brought together the specialized press and many of its clients in Brazil to present a great novelty: its line of 20 ton excavators from now on is called the New Generation of Excavators. These are the 320 GC, 320 and 323 models. All three have similar operational weight, but different applications. This major change in its portfolio began with a Caterpillar study that diagnosed that, of the total excavator market, 65% are in the range of 20 tons. It is not surprising that many of these machines are misapplied. The world's largest equipment manufacturer decided to recondition their 20-ton models to better serve the many applications The promise is 20% fuel savings, 15% lower maintenance costs and increased operation efficiency by 45% . The changes In fact, the CAT excavator received so many changes that it is even visually different. Much of the outer cover was removed, facilitating lateral access and visibility to the right of the cabin. This is because the diesel tank is now made of thermoplastic material, molded to take advantage of the space. The changes in the hydraulics allow that the equipment have about 50 meters less of hoses. How? Caterpillar put the system of control commands fully electro-hydraulic, eliminating the hydraulic flow dedicated to the cabin. Another interesting aspect: in 6,000 hours, the previous models foresee changes of more than 10 filters, in non-standardized sequences. The New Generation in the same 6,000 hours demands two changes of a single filter. With regard to the reduction of fuel, the New Generation adjusts the power of the engine to the hydraulic demand; if there is no command, the engine automatically slows down. In addition, the single fan cooling system was abandoned, and instead placed several localized fans, all electric, working separately according to the system that needs more air at the time. With fully digital controls as standard, the New Generation offers the operator the option of leaning on a series of devices: you can limit the height of the boom, the level of penetration under ground, the maximum turning radius and other points. The weighing of the material is done instantaneously with the machine in movement, avoiding overloads of the truck. By opting to use all of these systems, the operator could earn up to 45% productivity. According to the Caterpillar executives who presented the New Generation to journalists, the structural changes made in this line are replicable in all their machines. Which means that all CAT machines can become lighter, more controlled and productive in a short time.

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