08 - 03 - 2018 MyTractor

Caterpillar presents its new portable generators

Caterpillar enters the power supply sector for small domestic and outdoor applications with its new RP Series generators (2.5 to 5.4 kW) and the Cat INV2000 inverter unit (2 kW power) maximum). Designed to provide reliable and effective power for both professional contractors and final consumers, the RP Series includes three standard models: RP2500, RP3100 and RP4400, with powers ranging from 2.5 to 4.4 kW. On the other hand, the inverter Cat INV2000 generator produces 1,800 nominal watts and 2,000 watts of maximum power, enjoying features much appreciated by the consumer as an easy start switch and various security systems. It is a very versatile generator both for contractors and for leisure-related uses. Caterpillar will offer a parallel kit that will allow users to connect two INV2000 units to double the output power. Caterpillar engineering teams have conducted numerous tests to identify the design and usability features that customers value most in portable power. Manufactured under the same criteria of robustness as the rest of Cat machines, the RP Series generators and the inverter INV2000 thus provide maximum reliability in the power supply. RP series: robust and safe With a compact design (up to 10.1 cm shorter than competitive models) and a lower center of gravity, the RP Series offers everything needed to operate the generator easily from a control panel illuminated with LED easy access. A multifunctional screen allows users to manage parameters such as operating hours or voltage, being able to easily monitor the performance of the generator and the best time to refuel or repair the unit. Easy to handle, the Cat RP series generator offers great strength thanks to its solid steel frame and anti-roll system, which protect the components against any damage. The cables are hidden, which guarantees that they do not get caught or loose when entering and / or leaving the warehouse or vehicle. Its solid wheels eliminate the possibility of punctures in the workplace. In addition, to protect the generators, they automatically turn off when the oil levels drop too low. To power multiple devices, portable generators have several 230V outputs and 12V DC power outlets. An automatic system protects against electric shock and generator overload. Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) generates clean energy that does not damage sensitive tools or devices. And the extra-large fuel tank feeds the generator up to 18 hours (varies by model and load). Inverter generator: clean, simple and easy to use The new INV2000 generator provides enough power to power, for example, the essential elements for camping, or to work with small and medium power tools. It offers ultra clean power (<3 percent total harmonic distortion) to safely power the most sensitive electronic components. Super silent, sound levels of 59-69 dB produced translate into barely audible noise in most environments. With only 22.2 kg, the compact INV2000 can be easily transported and stored. It has very intuitive controls, which include the easy start switch with integrated throttle, multiple outputs and operation indicator lights, all located on the front panel. The exclusive LED lighting of the control panel makes it also very useful for night work. Along with two 230V 13A outputs, this generator has two USB ports for charging sensitive electronic devices such as phones, tablets and Bluetooth speakers. The unit also has a 12V battery charging socket, along with a cable to easily charge batteries. The intelligent engine control mode adjusts the power output to automatically control fuel consumption and noise based on the load, giving users up to 6 hours of continuous operation with the same fuel tank. Double-access doors (facing a single door) on the side of the inverter provide easy access to basic maintenance procedures, such as oil changes, air filter changes and carburetor drainage. The design of the oil filling system by means of a threaded funnel allows a filling and draining of oil without dripping.

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