12 - 09 - 2017 MyTractor

Liebherr fixed installation cranes, optimal solution for limited spaces

The Liebherr fixed-line cranes (LFS), the market leader, are characterized by "performance capacity and innovative design", says the international company, detailing that Liebherr's series of Fixed Turning Cranes (LFS), result especially suitable for ports with limited spaces, considering that each port has different characteristics in terms of infrastructure. Therefore "special handling solutions must be used to guarantee the safety and the duration of the installation. The rugged base columns of the LFS series reduce the space required at the port, "says Liebherr." If a low level of land use is required and the available space on the port is limited, opt for an LFS should be the preferred option, "adds the company that further explains that these series of cranes are based on the same approach as Liebherr's market-leading mobile cranes. From the company, Liebherr Fixed Turning Cranes (LFS) are an efficient combination of a top-of-the-range mobile crane chassis and a fixed pedestal. LFS cranes are an economical solution that saves space on docks and jetties, especially where the area of ​​maneuverability is limited and where it is essential that the pressure exerted is small. In addition, the LFS are also ideal for installation on barges. "In detail, the LFS product series consists of seven models. The classification of the models and their performance data correspond to those of the equivalent models of the series of mobile cranes, they explain in Liebherr, adding that "the balanced LFS series offers maximum lifting capacities ranging from 42 to the 308 tons. These highly versatile cranes have been designed for tasks such as handling containers, bulk material and heavy loads, among others. "Finally, Liebherr says that it is committed to meet the high expectations of its customers through a exceptional service and a high level of quality both its machinery and spare parts as in customer service and its interaction with him.

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