15 - 12 - 2017 MyTractor

Komatsu will develop machines with artificial intelligence to face the shortage of construction workers

Machines controlled by artificial intelligence. Cameras installed in hydraulic excavators that allow people to recognize and detect obstacles to avoid possible accidents. Artificial intelligence that determines what is the optimum amount of land to load on a truck and finds the best place to store construction materials. Artificial intelligence that finds the best routes for trucks to go to sites where works are take place. That is the future foreseen by Komatsu, the leading construction equipment company in Japan. A future in which construction works can be carried out without human intervention. Komatsu will develop a new automatic control system for its machines to compensate for labor shortages, NHK reported. The system will come into force, gradually, from next year. A representative of the Japanese company told the public channel that the use of artificial intelligence is necessary before the number of workers, increasingly smaller, does not reach enough for reconstruction work in areas affected by disasters and other places. The number of construction workers in 2015 in Japan fell by 27% compared to 1997, according to Japanese government figures. The future is bleak, as it is expected that the workforce of this industry will continue decreasing.

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