05 - 01 - 2017 MyTractor

Cat Grade Control 3D boosts productivity, lowers costs and reduces operator effort

Cat Grade Control 3D automates machine functions in production and precision leveling applications, allowing push blade operators to work more efficiently, accurately, and productively, making possible to lower operation costs. The system is characterized by an integrated design, which includes double antennas mounted on the roof, eliminating the need to climb the blade to remove conventional masts and cables mounted on the blade at the end of the day. For added versatility, the package incorporates the AccuGrade Ready option, which allows other Cat Grade technologies such as AccuGrade Laser or a universal total station to be used when satellite reception is insufficient. The system assists operators with a cabin screen that shows leveling plan, cut / fill data and slope indicators, improving productivity by up to 50% compared to conventional leveling methods. The system virtually eliminates the need to delimit the staked area and perform manual leveling checks, increasing the safety of the work area and allowing the operator to work without assistance to move material as required, avoiding rectification, fuel expense and Wear of the machine. In addition, Grade Control 3D allows to work even with little visibility, prolonging the working day. As an added advantage, the automated blade control system reduces the need for operator intervention by up to 80%. The integrated design of the Grade Control 3D system, in addition to the ceiling mounted antennas, incorporates a unit of inertia measurement that detects the orientation of the machine, GNSS receivers (global navigation satellite system), data radio, hydraulic cylinders Position sensing, joystick-type lever buttons for quick leveling adjustments, and a full-color leveling control screen that visually indicates leveling progress. In addition, the system includes three 'smart' operating characteristics to adapt the blade load to the ground conditions, which enables a constant filling of the blade with less operator effort. - AutoCarry: automates blade lift and tilt to maintain desired load, improve work homogeneity, and reduce chain slippage. Three modes are also incorporated to complement the implement assistance function, helping the operator to work even more productively. By operating as an integrated system, these technologies can significantly reduce overall costs by producing more work in less time, with a consequent reduction in machine operating costs. - Leveling Control: Automates the lift and tilt of the blade for even leveling, and optimizes productivity with AutoCarry. - Irregular leveling: prevents the center of the blade from moving down below the level, allowing full tilt steering capability. - Leveling Protection: Prevents the blade from cutting below the target slope during manual blade operation, thereby reducing excess cutting.

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