22 - 11 - 2017 MyTractor

Bobcat presents the new telescopic handler TL30.70

With a maximum lifting capacity of 3 tons and a maximum lifting height of almost 7 m, Bobcat's new TL30.70 compact telescopic handler is designed for a wide range of applications in the construction and rental machinery industries. Due to its compact size and profitability, the TL30.70 model is an excellent alternative to larger 7 m models, especially in narrow work spaces and when more maneuverability is required. In addition, the performance is not affected, since the TL30.70 offers an outstanding maximum range of 4 m with a capacity load of more than 1 ton. At the maximum lifting height, users can lift up to 2 tons of weight, which is enough to deposit a heavy brick pallet in most circumstances. The compact size and stability of the TL30.70 will make this machine the perfect tool to bring and carry materials or raise them to certain heights in real estate promotions of residential and commercial type. Like the previous telescopic handlers TL26.60 and TL30.60 of the Bobcat range, the TL30.70 is available with two different overall heights, since the cab can be mounted in two ways: in an inferior position, which offers a very high low of 2.1 m, and in high position, which allows optimal visibility. By default, the cabin also has suspension that improves the comfort of the shift. Hydrostatic transmission Like all Bobcat telescopic handlers, the TL30.70 features a high-resistance hydrostatic transmission that facilitates regular and precise running at low speed, with the ability to accelerate immediately or to work harder when necessary. The Bobcat automatic transmission automatically adapts the torque and speed to the level required to perform the job. Operators do not have to remove their hands from the joystick to change the shift. And last but not least, this premium transmission is equipped with a slow forward function that allows the operator to be even more accurate in low speed applications without having to use the brakes, which reduces fatigue and increases safety. Bobcat has designed all of its telescopic handlers with the same sturdy welded frame to maximize rigidity. The reinforced bottom plate protects vital components and a combination of specific features maximizes reliability and reduces total cost of ownership even in the most demanding circumstances, including high-strength steel, U-shaped shapes, integrated pen head, anti-wear shoes, large bolts and large steel inserts that increase the coefficient of friction. As easy to use as always The TL30.70 offers several features that translate into unparalleled ease of using: Ergonomic all-in-one joystick as standard: ensures that all functions of the boom and direction of travel are permanently in the hands of the operator. Automatic parking brake: an exclusive feature in the market to increase operator safety and comfort. Damped retraction of the boom: it automatically reduces the speed of the boom when it is almost fully retracted or near the minimum or maximum angle, which increases the safety and confidence of the operator. Automatic fan inverter: that allows you to set a cycle time to clean the radiators and air intake grille and represents a simple way to maintain cooling efficiency. Seat with pneumatic suspension of great comfort: including longitudinal suspension and low frequency. It admits many adjustments so that the operator can find the most comfortable driving position. Diesel engine Bobcat D34 To ensure that the TL30.70 model fits perfectly into the customer's application, there are two different versions to choose from the D34 engine. The first is a 55 kW (75 HP) phase IIIB engine, of which its economic performance stands out. In addition, by not needing SCR or AdBlue, the advantages include greater accessibility to components inside the engine compartment and a reduction of up to 15% in fuel consumption during normal work cycles in the construction industry and other.

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